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The VFC has helped over 2,700 veterans since 2009

Here are a few people we have helped. The message in these stories is clear. These are real people. They are Americans who have honorably served our country.  For various reasons they ended up on the street, alone and forgotten. Then someone reached out to them and offered them a hand up. They made the effort to better themselves and escape homelessness.

Along the way they found themselves in an empty apartment, alone, and with nothing to sleep on but the cold hard floor. It was at that critical point that the Veterans Furniture Center stepped in and provided them, free of charge, the furniture and household goods they needed to start a new life.

As you read these stories, try to put yourself in their shoes. If you lost everything you have and had no one to help you, what would you do?

Meet Zeny

‘I survived Iraq, exited the Army and breathed a sigh of relief; I let my guard down. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the housing crisis was on the horizon. A series of events led to becoming a couch-surfer/homeless person, but the help of private citizens and community organizations kept me from sleeping on the streets.

Landing an apartment of my own a couple years later was exhilarating on one hand but it was the proverbial ‘three steps forward, two steps back’. With no furniture of my own I faced quite a dilemma. I had a roof over my head but nowhere to lay it; and food but no fridge. I had done everything society and my country had asked of me and wasn’t sure why I was going through all this turbulence.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree, served in the U.S. Army, and was a case worker helping the homeless. As a 37 year-old double minority and former Army Veteran and Missile System Technician, being past my prime and having such a niche background didn’t exactly open doors for me. With very few personal resources available, the Veterans Furniture Center stepped in and saved me.

To this day, I’m forever grateful to the Veterans Furniture Center as they not only were of service to me with their donation of furniture and household goods but they expedited my transition back into a productive life of helping the homeless and contributing back to my community as well. The Veterans Furniture Center never dwelled on the ‘why’ of the problem; in true military fashion they simply executed a solution.

Since the VFC is all volunteer-run, this ensures the highest amount of each dollar benefits those they serve in this very unique niche”.

Zeny Stuart

Zeny Stuart is a truly remarkable young woman who knows first hand what it means to be a veteran suffering from homelessness.

With no furniture of my own I faced quite a dilemma. I had a roof over my head but nowhere to lay it; and food but no fridge.

With very few personal resources available, the Veterans Furniture Center stepped in and saved me.

In the end, my faith was renewed in knowing that an organization like the Veterans Furniture Center had my back when I needed someone to ‘cover me while I move!’.

Meet Burel

By veteran Mary Starmer-Smith

What does “Hope” mean to you?

Hope means different things to different people! Hope is the state of mind that believes and desires a positive outcome to situations in your life. It is the feeling that things will turn out for the best. It is consistently looking forward to that positive outcome to something planned in our life.

Meet Bural! This 10 year Army Vet is one of four guys I met today. He was so so excited when the Veterans Furniture Center showed up. You see when the VA helps Veterans get a place to stay, Furniture or necessities aren’t included.

This first picture is everything that Bural had been living with since he got a roof over his head.

The Veterans Furniture Center brought a bed (donated by Living Spaces) couch, table, chairs, kitchen pack including dishes, coffee pot and toaster; A lamp, dresser and a few other items.

Please share this post in hopes someone might be in the position to help monetarily or maybe own a business that could parter with this nonprofit.

Mary Starmer-Smith joined the VFC volunteers on deliveries in March of 2019. She met Burel that day and was moved to tell his story.

Are you a formerly homeless veteran in the HUD-VASH program and in need of furniture and household goods? We would like to help you. To obtain our assistance, you MUST be referred by your case worker from the VA. If you don’t have a case worker, please contact the VA at the address below. Please do not contact us directly.

Phoenix Community Resource Referral Center
1500 East Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85014
(602) 248-6040

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